The college was established with the motto of providing quality higher education to this part of the district which had been deprived of higher educational opportunities. The vision and mission statements of the college reflect our resolve to assiduously strive to reach that objective on a continuous basis.



  • * Strive to disseminate knowledge and advance skillsets among students through sophisticated instructional facilities and hands-on training through various integrated courses;
  • * Inculcate leadership qualities among students and turn them into responsible citizens by sensitizing them about social issues




  • * Design and implement state of the art technical tools and pedagogical practices in the classroom to enhance the learning experience of the students
  • * Promote communication and soft skills among students by engaging them in various engaging, communicative activities
  • * Foster all-round development of students through various interactive community programmes
  • * Instill a global outlook among students by exposing and making them aware of international happenings and changes occurring in the global industry and prepare them accordingly.
  • * Promote democratic values among the students by involving veterans, educationists and student representative in a multi-dimensional educational platform